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CNC Bending Operators skills need to be well trained. Though a combination of in-house training and workplace education, all of our staff have been provided with the skills to maintain the St. Ann's standard. As a team of operators with great pride for their work, Saint Ann’s sheet metal CNC bending specialists have written an overview to the work they do on our customer’s behalf.

Primarily, we set up and operate CNC Bending machinery to bend flat patterns from sheet metal. Any requirement for bending can be specified by our customers in the form of simple enquiries, drawings, templates, samples or layouts. Part of the set up process is selecting and fixing the correct top tool (punch) and bottom tool (die) to suit the material and thickness to be bent. We then either call up the approved program from the CNC control unit, or create a new program for a new job. The CNC unit controls the movement of the backstop height and distance from the tooling, and also the movement of the punch or die vertically as required. It also stores the information regarding the pressures required to perform the bend to the correct angle. This allows us to perform an unlimited series of different bends on a single item without the need to change over tooling or alter the position of the stops manually, saving time and reducing costs.

The work begins when we position the sheet or component plate on top of the bottom tool and against the back stop. We then press the pedal on the floor which activates the first stage of the bend process. Once the part has been bent to the required angle & dimension, the CNC unit moves the stops to the next relevant position, and another press of the pedal activates the second stage of the bending process if required. This is then continued until all of the bends required have been performed. Once this cycle is complete, the finished part is removed and replaced with the next flat part and the process repeats. The number of bending cycles is calculated on the CNC unit so that an accurate count of the parts completed can be made.

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Check out one of our skilled operators in action below.
CNC Bending Sheet Metal OperatorCNC Bending Sheet MetalCNC Bending Sheet Metal OperatorCNC BendingCNC Bending Sheet Metal OperatorCNC Bending Metal

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