CNC Bending

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Unbeatable accuracy, standard setting production speeds, skilled and experienced operators to ensure precision bending.

The advanced equipment used in the bending processes is among the best of it’s kind in the world. The tooling that bending uses has improved over the years to virtually eliminate distortion when bending. We have continually invested in new CNC Hydraulic Press Brake technology. With unbeatable press speeds we improve the output of higher tonnage press brakes, especially with wide dies that require deeper penetration of the punch and longer ram travel.

St Anns Sheet Metal Company can service all your bending requirements with our on site press brakes, we offer high volume services including forming, bending and rolling.
Our brake presses are:

  • AMADA ITS 50 Tonne 2 MTR
  • PROMECAM 80 TONNE 2.5 MTR x2

We hold a library of tools suited for a wide range of bends, rolls and folds, these give exceptional accuracy and repeatability. Allowing for a wide range of bend types ranging from standard 90 bends, deep bending for enclosures, L-shapes and hemming through to radius bending and radius rolling.

The press brakes have a powerful computer based control, from which we used advanced 3D programming software. This generates and stores interactive databases for bend allowance, angle corrections and spring-back. Automated optimization removes errors in pre-produced loads and allows for accurate part tolerances from start to finish.

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